WooCommerce allows you to change everything about the shopping process including the text. In the WooCommerce code the price that's displayed is called “price_html”, thus we have to change the WooCommerce price_html to be what we need it to (or not be).

One of the biggest requests is how to remove the “From” text (you can also google “WooCommerce edit ‘from' price” or “woocommerce add text before price”). This can be do in several ways though doing it the “proper” way we have to use some custom code to change it directly. Thankfully, it's pretty simple. All you have to do is use the appropriate code (below) to change the prices shown.

BIG NOTE: you cannot just change ‘everything' at once (sort of). You have to set the display text to each scenario … a regular product, grouped, subscriptions, sales …. ect.

Below I've listed any many

I'll admit I'm cheating a little bit here for SEO, but here's the stuff you can edit (if you typed it into google to find it):

  • WooCommerce change variable product price html (regular, sale and empty)
  • WooCommerce change variation product price html (regular, sale, free and empty)
  • WooCommerce change group price html (regular, sale, and empty)
  • WooCommerce change composite price html (regular, sale, item and empty)
  • WooCommerce change subscription price html (single subscription, overall subscriptions)
  • WooCommerce edit price text (regular, sale, free, empty, free sale)


If you're looking to change the price text for only specific products you can do:

If you want to make it more proper you'd have to call the filter a bit differently, that way we can avoid using the ‘global' option (generally a good idea):


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