Paid Memberships Pro is a WordPress membership plugin that's a) free and b) has a decent community around and c) (the most important for me) it's very code friendly. So when I found out that they have Conditional Fields for registration forms I was very ecstatic … though when I learned that the conditional fields code does NOT work with radio fields (and a few others) I was rather annoyed.

Like any good programmer, I went ahead and made it work.

Below you'll find the code you can add to your functions.php file in-order to get conditional fields fully working (on the front-end) on your Paid Memberships Pro website:

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To get this to work, all you have to do it edit the line that starts with jQuery(document)……..

Here's a more realistic example with multiple radio boxes using conditional fields/display:

What does this mean? Well … that is how you use this code! 

Using this code:

Copy and paste that top code stuff into your functions.php file and then use as many (or as few) hideShowFromRadioWrapper function calls as need-be.