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Better than expected

The course helped me fix up my site's design and get it ready for my store launch. I moved from a small pop-up shop to my own location while building out the site. The materials were well thought out, well presented. After a while I didn't have enough time so I hired on Peter to not only teach me the WordPress and Flatsome usage quickly but to also do Facebook ads for me and re-design the site (in Flatsome) as well. Worked out really great.

literally save me hours, if not DAYS, of work

I don’t do a lot of reviews. In the case of Peter Krzyzek I MUST make an exception. I have been burned in the past buying and trying to use WordPress plugins and themes. It usually all revolved around the support backing up these themes/plugins. It was either non-existent or very slow. Sometimes it was a language barrier. That is what led me to “accidentally” find Peter and I am so glad that I did.

Peter has literally save me hours, if not DAYS, of work by being able to train me on the finer points and”known issues” with the theme I was attempting to use. And the ongoing training and support as I worked to build the site out was invaluable. I got the site up and running and am continuing to work on it. And, I continue to be a student of Peter’s and will be for a long time to come. If I can get to the point where I just have a fraction of the skill and knowledge that Peter has, I will consider it to be money very well spent. I come from a background in support (back in the day) and can tell you with absolutely confidence that you don’t run across someone like Peter very often. Someone that has an incredibly extensive knowledge of the subject matter AND someone that can convey that very same information in a concise and useful way that translates directly into fixing your issue/problem.

Whatever your issue is or whatever the course is that Peter releases, it will bring you benefit well above the amount of money it costs. I cannot recommend Peter more highly. Top notch in every way. Thank you Peter!

Amazing customer support.

Peter and LeadStripe is an amazing resource. I can't say thank you enough. I'm by no means a developer, and I was able to get this up and running through the videos and a bit of troubleshooting. So appreciative of this. Amazing customer support. THANK YOU!

has truly been a game changer for me

When I first started with Peter, I know absolutely NOTHING about web design, or WordPress. Peter took me through the basics all the way up through complicated subjects like editing system files and creating child themes. Peter held my hand through every step of the process, and always responded to my queries quickly.

During my time with Peter, his wife delivered a new baby boy and I was seriously worried that my needs would be neglected because of his many new responsibilities. That wasn’t the case at all. Peter made time for me, some were late night/early morning responses to emails, but I never went without an answer. I now feel confident enough, and have the skills needed to setup virtually any kind of website or blog to exactly how I want it.

Without Peter, I would still be stumbling through the process many months later. If your a seasoned veteran, or know absolutely nothing (like myself) you can feel confident, that your time with Peter will be very educational and provide you with a great deal of knowledge. I was shocked and how easily he could answer my toughest questions, and help me do things that I originally thought impossible…

If I ever need any assistance with the many services Peter offers, I would not hesitate one second on get back with him for additional training. This course with Peter has truly been a game changer for me.

Very well thought out for eCommerce

Peter's Flatsome course really put things into perspective. When I joined on his original Flatsome course I didn't know what I was getting myself into though I was impressed by his free videos, his friendly yet professional replies to my emails and questions and his knowledge in how to get Flatsome looking great. I bought his course and personal mentorship and it was well worth it for the many months we were together. Will buy again.

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Michael Davis Watch Entrepreneur
Jared R. L. Plastic Dip Vendor Owner
Ralph D. Leather Furniture Store Owner


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